To hide tags in any theme for free there are at least two files you must manipulate within your chosen theme.

index.php (home page)
single.php (blog or posts)

1. Open the index.php and the single.php in any text editor and locate this string of tags:

<?php if(function_exists(“the_tags”)) : ?><?php the_tags(‘Tags: ‘) ?><?php endif; ?>

2. Enclose this string of tags within php comments;

<?php /*?><?php if(function_exists(“the_tags”)) : ?><?php the_tags(‘Tags: ‘) ?><?php endif; ?><?php */?>

3. Save the file and replace the old one.

Doing it this way preserves the original data, but does not allow the tags to be viewed.

I hope this helps. I worked like magic for me.


Great news this morning…”Justice has prevailed”. We Americans have been vindicated. Osama bin Laden is dead! WOW! What can you say to that? September 11, 2001 will be a day that I remember as terrorism truly hitting America.

Did we as Americans, provoke this outrageous event? I personally think not. There is no reason under the sun to bring about that much devastation, destruction, and death to any group of people of any country.

I am grateful that President Obama kept this strategy under great secrecy. Instead of broadcasting it to the world, he instead remained vigilant  and focused on a major issue that has plagued our country. Great job President Obama!